As early as 6 weeks old, babies and toddlers experience a loving, playful environment in the Hills Kidz nursery.


Their experience includes hands-on play time, snack, and a diaper change under the care of trained 7 Hills volunteers. All nursery volunteers have completed a training process and extensive background checks.


The nursery welcomes children during all weekend and Tuesday night worship experiences.

With amazing media driven teaching and high energy live praise and worship, it is our mission to see your child love church from a young age. Our preschool volunteers go through a preliminary training process, including extensive background checks.


Your preschooler will experience peer interaction during small group time, as well as a practical application of the Bible on their level during the large group, “Preschool Chapel.”


Preschool services occur during all weekend and Tuesday night worship experiences.

Kids will experience passionate live praise and worship with the Hills Kidz Worship Team.


Each week, kids are propelled into a creative series that features original films, hilarious sketch comedy, and illustrated messages, as well as a small group environment with our dedicated teaching staff.


Hills Kidz volunteers go through a preliminary interview and training session, including extensive background checks. Hills Kidz Elementary is truly an incredible ministry that will help to lead your child into becoming a fully capable follower of Christ.


Elementary services occur during all weekend and Tuesday night worship experiences.

HillsKidz.tv is where you can find everyday resources for you and your family along with more information about your child’s first time visit, the memory verse for the month, and other helpful information about Hills Kidz.

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