where we’ve been | where we’re going


where we’ve been | where we’re going

A Note from Pastor Marcus


What is Legacy 2.0? It’s our revised and updated building project that began in 2012. I’m so excited to invite you into this spiritually transforming season of giving! We have a unique opportunity to build an incredible place. A place that will lift Jesus higher, take the Gospel further, and help people in a greater capacity than I ever dreamed possible.


One of my favorite quotes by CH Spurgeon says, “God delights in impossibilities.” This is His specialty. When we are sensitive to listen to the voice and obey the continuous push of God, we experience our faith coming to life, releasing us into the impossible. I believe the Holy Spirit is calling each of us to step out into the impossible. Resist the minimalist spirit that says, “That’s too far or too much.” This is the moment we cross the line, get our faith out, and dream of what could be.



Where We’ve Been


We purchased and dedicated the 10 acres adjacent to our current location.


Hired civil engineers and went through the approval process with city officials to add additional parking on the 10 acres purchased in 2010. We also hired financial consultants to provide us their expertise on a building project of this scope.


We interviewed and hired contractors to complete 511 additional parking spaces on the new property.


Completed construction of new parking lot. Hired civil engineers to develop site plans. $5,090,923 was committed to Legacy 2.0 fund by 7 Hills!


We hired new contractors and architects. We cleared the new property and grated the lot. When delays were faced, we paid $2.37 million dollar bank note and are now debt free. $1,381,202.79 has been given toward the Legacy 2.0 fund.


We remodeled the children’s hallway and installed new flooring in all classrooms. We removed the kitchen and installed new café area. The contract was signed for the new building. Our groundbreaking celebration was held in November.

Where We Are

We are currently reaching over 4,500 people in our weekly services. It is clear to see that we are out of seats during our optimal worship experience times. We will continue to add services as needed, but realize that visitors prefer service times during a certain time on the weekend. Our entire facility is beyond capacity with staff, volunteers, youth, and kids, with no ability to alleviate projected growth. We want to continue positioning ourselves to be able to say, “Yes” to God and to our community.

Where We’re Going

As a result of your generosity our last phase of Legacy was a huge success as we were able to add a new road and 511 much needed parking spaces 100% debt free. Our next step is to build a new facility with a 2,000 seat sanctuary, a new lobby, complete with state of the art amenities containing a fully equiped area for our children. This new building will allow us to give Legacy Youth the space they need to continue to grow and the ability to expand our newly launched college ministry. We believe in the next generation and fully intend to do everything possible to see them succeed.

Legacy Commitment Card


If you would like to print the Legacy 2.0 Commitment Card to return to 7 Hills Church, click the link below to download.


This card can also be mailed in to 7 Hills Church.
6800 Hazel Court
Florence, KY 41042