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The 7 Hills Worship Academy exists because we believe in raising up the next generation of worship leaders from within the church. As Worship Academy members, students will receive private instruction from members of the 7 Hills Worship team, who will walk alongside their students to support God’s calling on their lives.


The Worship Academy operates roughly based on the academic year. Upon admittance, each student must commit to at least, but not limited to one academic year of training.


2017-2018 Schedule


Fall Semester:
Start Date: September 25th
End Date: December 1st


Spring Semester:
Start Date: February 12th
End Date: May 4th





Students in grades 3-5 will receive a 30 minute private lesson in their instrument of choice each week from a member of the 7 Hills Worship team. This one-on-one instruction will be modeled personally to each individual student.



Students in grades 6-12 will receive all of the benefits of the Emerging tier, as well as the opportunity to participate in weekly group lessons through our Thursday night Advance program. Advance is a specialized program to build on the instruction received in private lessons and take your student’s experience one step further. Worship Academy going through the Advance process will receive personalized mentoring and coaching with experienced members of our team, and will learn all about the dynamics of a worship service and what it means to be a worship leader.


What is the cost?

Tuition is based on what level your student is enrolled in.


Emerging (3rd – 5th Graders)


Distinguished (9th – 12th Graders)

What is the schedule?

Monday – Wednesday
Private lessons available for all tiers.


Advance group class for Distinguished tier.


Friday – Sunday
No classes.

What is the length of the program?

The academy operates on a yearly schedule based on the academic year. Upon admittance, each student must commit to at least, but not limited to one academic year of training.


Start date: September 25th
End date: December 1st
Total weeks of semester: 10 total weeks – plus one week off for Thanksgiving Break


Winter Break:
December 1st – February 11th


Start date: February 12th
End date: May 4th
Total weeks of semester: 11 total weeks – plus one week off for Spring Break.


Total weeks of Academy year: 21 weeks


Lessons may not be held some weeks due to holidays or other events.

What will each student get out of the academy?

1. Musical Training
– Individual and group lessons in the students’ instrument of choice (Guitar, drums, keys, bass, voice).
– Music theory teaching.


In the “Distinguished” groups…
– Students will learn how to practice and play with a band.
– Specialized workshops (worship leading, in-ear monitors, production, etc).


2. Spiritual Engagement
– 7 Hills Worship Leaders and members of the 7 Hills Church Staff will lead students in devotional teachings.
– Prayer, worship, and biblical teaching will be central to the curriculum for all ages.


3. Leadership Development
– 1 on 1 mentorship with members of 7 Hills Worship.
– Opportunities to lead other students and to lead worship at events.


4. Culture
– Regular teaching on the culture of 7 Hills Church and 7 Hills Worship from worship leaders and other staff members that will teach why we do what we do.

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