Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a service run?


Our services run for approximately 75 minutes.


Where do I park?


Our parking team will direct you where to go! We would love to help you find the best parking spot for you and your family. We also have plenty of handicapped spots for those who require them.


What time should I get to church?


We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before service to give you enough time to park your car, check-in your children to Hills Kidz, and be directed to your seat in the main auditorium. Have any questions? Stop by the “New Here” tent in the lobby! We have a host that would love to help you.


Can I sit anywhere?


Yes! Our usher team will help you find your seats for both you and your family.


What do I have to wear?


We invite you to come as you are.


Do you have disabled seating?


Yes. Our ushers will help seat you comfortably in our auditorium for services.


I have children, is there a specific service for my child?


Yes! Our Hills Kidz service is available at every service for children 6 weeks-5th grade. They will engage in worship, age appropriate messages, small groups, games, and more! Your child will love Hills Kidz! As well, we have services for Middle School students 6th-8th grade. They too have a service with worship, small groups, and a message tailored to them.


Is there a room I can take my baby to if they need my attention during service?


We have a comfort room available if your baby is in need of your attention during a service. You can find the comfort rooms located upstairs by the Welcome Loft or the upper left section of the auditorium. We also have a nursing mothers room available for your convenience and privacy. You can find the nursing mothers room next to the comfort rooms.


Do I have to pay to attend church, or will I be asked for money at any time during my visit?


Everyone is welcome to attend our church and there is no cost involved. We do receive a tithe and/or offering as part of our service, but there is no expectation or obligation for you to give if you do not feel lead to do so. You are welcome to let it pass by you.